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History of Jarman Printing

The year was 1906 when John L. Jarman announced the opening of a new “Printing Establishment.” As his announcement read, “with modern equipment, he shall be pleased to demonstrate to you his ability as a Commercial Printer.” His modern equipment originally consisted of one small hand press and a small amount of hand set implements used for printing. His “ability as a Commercial Printer” consisted mostly of a great amount of ambition and “guts.” The location of his establishment as stated in his announcement was the First National Bank Block, Public Square. Some years later, as he began to grow, he moved to the second floor at 240 East Main Street above the City Loan and Nobil’s Shoe Store. This building burned down in 1965 and was where the present parking area of Citizens Banking Company is off of Main Street.

In the 1920’s Mr. Jarman started the “Recreational News,” a weekly Alliance newspaper with subscription price of $1.50 per year. He was later bought out by The Alliance Review. This paper was published for several years and copies can be found in the Rodman Public Library.

In 1954 Mr. Jarman moved into his new quarters at the corner of High Street and Union Avenue, the present location.

His main purpose of moving into the new building was to entice his son, Jack, to be interested in the business to take over. But Jack had “gone west” to a successful life and had no desire to return and operate his father’s business.

In the fall of 1964, Mr. Jarman died. Elvin Wilson and Phil Singer purchased the Jarman Printing Company from the Jarman Estate in January of 1965. Two years later, Mr. Wilson and his wife, Fern, bought out Mr. Singer, and the two operated the business until February of 1986 when they retired.

The business was purchased in 1986 by the employees of the firm, headed by Betty Middleton. All shares in the company were owned by Mrs. Middleton and the Employee Stock Ownership Trust. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan was a unique opportunity for Jarman employees which gave each employee a stake in the company’s future.

In September of 1990, Mrs. Middleton sold her stock to her son, Dan Middleton.

From September of 1990 to October 14, 2009 Dan Middleton owned and operated The J.L. Jarman Printing Company. When ready to retire, Randal and Krista Jarvis bought J.L. Jarman from Dan on October 14, 2009. Under new management, the J.L. was dropped and called Jarman Printing, LLC. The Jarvis’ are the 5th owners of the printing company, and eager to grow and continue to offer the high quality, on time deliveries Jarman Printing is known for and takes pride in.



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